Cito Rats DVD Volume 1

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Cito Rats DVD Volume 1

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"Cito Rats Volume 1 is a collage of video and photos of a group of people who lived and partied to extremes in Montecito, California from the 70's through the 90's. All the music in this video are from Cito bands - RKL, The Shacklers, Bad Neighbor, Rat Pack, Box Heads, Moosifer and special guest - Al Reese. Enjoy and relive the Cito Rats in their Monte "cito" prime!

60 minutes

Edited by Shark B

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Customer Quotes

"Wanna thank Natalie Browne for sending & Mark Bennett for making this excellent timepiece video of a group of cool friends & people ! We were lucky to live & experience SB/Montecito B4 it became what it is now...

Cito Rats volume 1 brings it all back to a crazy & simple time.
Party on Cito Rats & the untold story's, of kids just having good times & making history.
Skate, surf, music, girls & bros... All here & all good." -Vince Peppars

"Excellent job on the video, Mark! Watched it for the second time yesterday. Whoever doesn't have their copy is seriously missing out." - Lisa Lorden

"Wow! Mark Bennett has done an amazing job putting together a collection of videos, pictures and music to commemorate, celebrate, nostalgiacate (haha! That’s not a word!) the Cito Rats and an era past, but not forgotten…except by black out?

"From bell bottoms to mohawks…surf boards and skate boards…RKL on tour to a sunset cruise with the Shacklers…chainsaws with Moosifer to a screaming Rat Pack…from big hair to no hair...original crew to youngsters unknown…Mountain Drive to Butterfly Beach…people lost and fiercely missed…much of it was shown during the Rat Reunion this past October.

Definitely a must have and worth the $20! Yes, I am your Cito Rat critic and dvd pusher...tag Mark today for your very own copy! It's packaged quite nicely, too!" - Natalie Browne