Here comes trouble, the Cito Rats are here!

I don’t normally read Men’s Journal for anything but when a Cito Rat is on the Cover, I couldn’t help myself. There is a great article in the Feb 2013 Issue about Josh Brolin. It starts out, “Here Comes Trouble” I love it Brolin!

With all of the news about my great friend and fellow Cito Rat getting arrested for public intoxication, being a bad ass, getting in fights, arrested for other things… I see that there is much talk about the Cito Rats of Montecito, CA. coming out of the media. Hellyeah we are still around. There is no truth that we are gone. The Cito Rats and the stories are still alive today. There are many kids living in Montecito today that call themselves Cito Rats. They are Cito Rats! Some of them have heard legends about us, places like my house, the famous Herb Estate. When the Herb Estate was in its prime, we knew the local Sherriff by name, he know us by name, and most of the time helped us keep the fun going and kept us out of trouble. The Montecito Association tried to make us move because of the mayhem.  Occasionally my buddy Jason Sears, RIP, would announce a Herb Estate Party in a radio interview. When this happened we ended up with people crossing state lines to get to my house for the party! A great time for sure. I know there are a lot of friends that still talk about this.

Cito Rats are listed as a Surf Gang based in Montecito, CA. Montecito is a small community that became very popular among the wealthy in the late 70s and 80s as more famous people decided to buy homes there. As a matter of fact, Oprah’s house once belonged to an old Cito Rat family. The Shacklers used it as a hideout before Oprah purchased the property.

Most of the Cito Rats when born and raised there, but there  are a few of us that moved to Montecito when our parents decided to get out of the Rat Race of Los Angeles, or, in Cito Rat terms, “Smell A” or “Hell A”.  Others came from other places like Paso Robles, CA where the Brolin’s came from. That is exactly how I got there and how Josh and I became great friends when we were young, 11 or 12. We ran into each other on Park Lane riding our dirt bikes. I love hearing about how the Cito Rats are a “Hardcore” surf gang, or “territorial” surf gang. I guess it was true to some extent but more true is that in the early days of the Rats, we were over the top at everything we did.

The information posted in Wikipedia, they mention all the local spots we hung out it. In this order, The “Biltmore” Pier, Dorbo Dunes, Chicken Creek, Pigion Ridge, The Underground, Mirimar, Hammond Reef, Nuns, “The Rock”, The Shooting Range, Rancho Coyote, The Herb Estate, RKL. The Extremism and craziness of the Cito Rats was our way of life. It was more important than anything!

October 20, 2012 The Cito Rats had a huge Herb Estate party at EOS Lounge in Santa Barbara, CA. EOS is a night club owned by a Cito Rat, Jeff Clark. Jeff opened the door for the Cito Rats party and the first one was a huge success. There is a 2013 Cito Rat / Herb Estate Party in the works. I will make sure to update as plans come together. In good Cito Rat form I will tell you this, the next one of going to be huge!

The October 20, 2012 party was amazing. People that had not been seen in decades came out of the wood work. Everyone was welcome! The Shacklers played a classic set including a famous song called “Twisty Mole”. Sancho played another set including their theme song a David Lindley cover called “Your Old Lady”. Then to top off the night we had Bad Neighbor killing it with classic Cito Style!

Posted on May 9, 2013 .