Cito Rats/The Shacklers

Nice Herb. And kudo's to Josh Brolin!….Dude your parties were epic!  Some of the best Cito Rat parties of all time. The Shacklers and of course RKL played the Herb Estate ragers many times in the early eighties. The last one we did, five or six cop cars showed up and busted the party. The Shacklers and Macky locked ourselves in the bathroom with our guitars and kept the party going until they split.

Hey since we're on the subject of the Shacklers, you got your Oprah Winfrey story a little twisted. First of all, long before Oprah that place was called the Bacon's Estate. Mark Bacon's (Hammonds local) grandmother lived there for years. We had some great adventures trespassing there. But anyway, we never egged the guard. We were teenagers. We had more class then that! The Bacon's Estate is where we hid from the cops one night.

Allow me to elaborate. You see the Shacklers had this late evening routine of going to the Knowlwood Tennis Club(near Bacon's estate) when no one was around and sometimes we would take girls there to the hot tub and other times it would be just us causing trouble. This night was us causing trouble. So after drinking beers in the hot tub we picked a bunch of lemons from the neighbors trees and waited for the Montecito Police Patrol to arrive for their scheduled drive by. Now these guys weren't cops, they were old fat security guards supposedly protecting Montecito. We played a cat and mouse game with those guys for a couple years by then and we were up for some more target practice that night. So we hide in the bushes, they enter the driveway and circle around a bit then exit. While they drive away we fire off rounds of lemons and pelt the patrol car. They get the hell out of there and we get a kick out of it. SSP-Standard Shackler Procedure.

So about a twenty minutes later we hear a car coming on East Vally Road and it sounds like the old guys are coming back for more lemonade. It was pitch black that night but we could see the lights coming through the hedge. So as we unload again on this car all of a sudden these bright colored lights turn on and lo and behold its the Sheriff!! The siren goes on and we run back to the farthest end of the Knowlwood property as fast as we could!. We hid back there for over an hour easily while we heard all these cop cars driving back and forth trying to find us. Then everything was dead still for the longest time. You could hear a dog barking from miles away it was so quite. So the Shacklers thought it was clear and slowly tip toe off the property. As we ever so quietly crawl thru the hedge to get onto East Valley Road Rob Henderson rips this huge fart! Just as we all start to bust up laughing a cop shines a light on us and yells "Hold it right there you assholes!!" We quickly book it down the road and the race began!

Instant adrenaline kicked in and all you could hear was everyones footsteps, heavy breathing and the rattling sound of handcuffs. The cop was running with a flashlight in hand so the light was sporadically hitting us, the trees, parked cars, everything. This went on for about two blocks. I could tell Peto was starting to slow down and the cop was inches away from him!  I thought he was a goner. Rob, Phil, Will, myself and Shackler guest star Auskie (Horm's older brother) pulled ahead of Peto and the cop and we charged into the huge Bacon's Estate and everybody scattered.

Rob and I paired up and so did Phil and Will.  Auskie? He got caught. We could hear him get smacked at the front of the estate gates. Gotta hand it to him, he never squealed us out. By 3am most of us made it home. We didn't find out about Peto till the next day. He said he couldn't keep up with the herd and stopped running thinking the cop had him. But the cop ran by him and pursued us instead so he snuck onto some neighbors front porch and slept on their couch for the rest of the night.

I'm sure Oprah would love to hear that story…Cito Rats!!!

The Shacklers


Posted on May 9, 2013 .